Event rules

The event is visited by more than 2000 people and as such, a few rules must be established to avoid any mishaps. By following these rules everyone will be safe and have a good time at LanTrek.

Common rules

  • Organizers have the right to change or interpret the rules in a way that safety and and smooth flow of arrangements is guaranteed.
  • Organizers have the right to remove any person who is not abiding by the rules or otherwise behaving disturbingly.
  • Organizers have the right to confiscate belongings temporarily or for the duration of the event
  • Your belongings are in your responsibility. Please ask someone to look after your belongings if you are otherwise occupied
  • Participants are liable to compensate any damage caused to anyone or anything. If the person liable is not found, the damage will be compensated from the prize-money
  • The sponsors and present media are allowed to take footage and pictures during the event
  • The event is subject to Finnish law
  • LanTrek Ry reserves the right to any rule-changes

Age limit

  • The event has no age limit, but we recommend that children under the age of 13 come with their parents
  • Also, overnight stays are not recommended for those under the age of 13 without parental presence or consent.

Prohibited at the event

  • Your own speakers
  • Weapons of any kind (not even fake ones)
  • Knives, pocket-knives or tool-sets, such as a Leatherman, containing a knife
  • Hammers, pickaxes etc.
  • Axes or saws
  • Soldering irons or any heat-generating tools
  • Fireworks or other explosive or flammable materials
  • Alcohol, narcotics or prescription drugs for which you cannot present prescription
  • Laser-pointers, laser-pens etc.
  • Smoke-machines
  • Dry ice, any poisonous material
  • Pressured air-horns or anything else too loud
  • Home appliances and refridgerators
  • Small appliances (such as coffee-brewer or kettle) have an allocated space for their use. See visitors guide household appliance area


  • The use of alcohol or narcotics on event premises or in immediate vicinity is prohibited
  • To appear intoxicated on event premises is prohibited. (We reserve the right to remove any intoxicated person or alternatively deny access on premises.)
  • Smoking is allowed only in allocated areas (near main entrance)
  • E-cigarettes are considered cigarettes. Smoking of e-cigarettes indoors is strictly prohibited.


  • Screening of obscene or excessively violent behavior is prohibited. Please take others into consideration.
  • Any advertisement or sales on premises is prohibited without approval of the organizers
  • Smoking is allowed only in allocated areas
  • Sleeping is allowed in allocated areas only

Concerning electricity and network-access

  • The output of your devices may not exceed 350 watts
  • 35o watts is plenty for your computer and accessories, as long as you don't have anything big, such as a refrigerator. Even if your power-supply has a nominal output of 600W, it won't be using as much all the time. Average usage is closer to 150-200W.
  • You may not monitor any other network traffic than that at which the end of the line is your computer.
  • You are responsible for any information received by or sent from your computer.
  • You may not download or distribute any copyrighted material.
  • You may not install any switches, modems, hubs, firewalls, or wlan-stations to the network. (In case you need more than one access-point, contact netcrew[at]lantrek.org)
  • Personal DHCP- or NAT-constructions are strictly prohibited
  • Your computer must be protected by up-to-date virus protection

Excessive structures or amplification

  • It is prohibited to bring your own speakers!
  • Small lights and contraptionsat your station are a nice addition to the atmosphere at the event. Please use common sense, excessive or clearly dangerous constructions will be removed.
  • All of your belongings must have space at your station. Setting up anywhere else is prohibited.
  • In case of disturbance, the organizers have the right to remove any sound-system or other articles for the duration of the event.
  • The use of video-projectors is prohibited